Our story

East and west in harmony Shahrazad

Shahrazad is the brainchild of restaurant and catering connoisseur Haidar Al-Mousawi. After gaining extensive experience as a consultant in the culinary sector, Haidar brought his dream to life in 2016: an Iraqi restaurant in cosmopolitan Brussels. A melting pot of cultures, colours and tastes; a multicultural and enriching environment.

Shahrazad is a family business with a strong reputation, paying great attention to sustainability and socially responsible practices. We only serve high-quality products from impeccable sources. Furthermore, Shahrazad supports various charities and helps the less fortunate in the community.

With the Shahrazad restaurant, Haidar Al-Mousawi has built a bridge between the east and west. We welcome a diverse and international public. And proudly invite residents, tourists, business people, young and old to get to know the cultural traditions of Mesopotamia.

Our goal is simple: to offer you an unforgettable experience with tastes and flavours you’ll delight in.

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